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Getting Started Questionnaire

This form is used by customers to answer frequently asked questions relating to their SEO campaign.
  • Would you like to be contact via, email, voip or phone?
  • Please add the url of where we can locate your company logo. This will used to promote your website in web directories, schema markup and press releases. To find your company logo URL please right click on your website logo and copy image url location, then paste this URL into the field. If you cannot locate this URL please contact your web developer to help you locate this.
  • Where are your target customers located?
  • The more websites you provide us with, the more information we can gather, and in turn, the more effective your campaign will be. If possible, list your main competitors towards the top of this list.
  • What are some “big sites” that operate in your market? For example, these sites might be driven by large private corporations, government sectors or media companies. Any big players in this space will help us. Please list as many as possible below.
  • Is there anything on your website that we need to know about in advance before starting? This might include custom scripts, plugins or areas that must remain UNTOUCHED. It may also include information about SEO that was done by another company previously. It is important that you make us aware of this before we get started.